Got Hope? This week’s Newsweek sure does. From the story, we learn how she lost her dad, got benched, had shoulder surgery, and tested positive for a banned substance, yet somehow survived it all and put U.S. women’s soccer in position to bring home gold again. Here’s a choice quote:

“An NFL player never has to do any endorsements, and he’s fine,” says Solo. (She hawks Gatorade, Bank of America, and Simple skin care, among other things; an autobiography is due out in August.) “But it doesn’t work that way for us. My soccer salary would only make me an average living. So we can’t just market to little girls constantly. We need to start selling tickets to the masses. To middle-aged men. To all walks of life. At the end of the day, these stupid photo shoots are about bringing more recognition to the game, getting bigger contracts, and putting ourselves on the same level as the men.”

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